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Working with nodes

Introduction to Nodes

Nodes are created automatically whenever you draw a route, or whenever a route intersects another route.

There are three kinds of nodes:

A couple of tips when working with nodes:

Be aware that nodes may be replaced while editing models

When editing city models, nodes tend to be created and removed quickly. Unless the node has special significance it is normally best to avoid assigning information to it such as names and other attributes until your editing is complete.

Be aware of kerb radius and gaps between nodes

When two or more routes meet at a node, a pavement will be constructed at the node to join pavements at the edges of routes. Because of this, if nodes are too close together the pavements might conflict.

Use the 'Copy Settings to All Corners' button

For example, if you want to create a Barcelona-style junction, you can set the highway boundary for one corner to 'Chamfered', and then click 'Copy Settings to all Corners'.

The default node properties are used when creating nodes. To change these, go to the Next Element toolbar. Every node you draw from then on will have those properties.

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